About Zyeta

Au Courant, exceptional and innovative design solutions is our drive. For us, design is the means. The starting points are goals, strategies and expectations. Our design transcends them to create a novel reality.

Our design expertise is driven by creative and insightful solutions, born from a spirit of collaboration with our clients & within, and a passion for the power of good design emerging out of avant-garde solutions to challenges of design.


About Us

We’re a bunch of young & upcoming intense ideators and strategists churning out contemporary designs to build immersive experiences through physical and digital design.

From idea to installation, we bring an inter-disciplinary, iterative and collaborative approach to help companies build congenial spaces to bring people together and flourish businesses.

Our exemplary installations boast of simplicity and effective typography of design & spaces which are clutter free and optimally organised. Not only that, but we also pride ourselves

in delivering praise worthy interior design solutions across a varied range of disciplines, viz. corporate interiors, retail interiors, data centre planning, and many more.

Our aim is to make our work to successfully and artfully accomplish the goal of completing beautiful designs across several different media by combining technologies, cognitive sciences, human needs and the charm of producing something spectacular.



With a desire to create immersive environments, Zyeta takes a cross-disciplinary approach to its inventive array of projects. We specialise in a wide array of project types, from architecture, interior designing & data centre planning, to hospitality, healthcare & educational spaces.

Crafting a unique and individual narrative concept for each project is fundamental to Zyeta’s successful design approach. From the big picture to the last detail, the story informs and drives the design. The seamless synergy of technology, craftsmanship and design is reflected in environments that combine high-end technology, handmade objects, special effects and custom fixtures and furniture.